The 7 Mayan Prophecies

In recent years, few aspects of ancient human society have aroused such fear, wonder, and curiosity as the prophecies laid down by the ancient Maya in their calendars and astronomical observations.

The Maya were one of the oldest and most sophisticated of pre-Columbian societies in South America; among their achievements were a recognition of the elliptical orbits of the planets and the mathematical acknowledgment of the concept of zero as a specific value.

Their sudden and abrupt disappearance as a continent-spanning culture prior to the arrival of the Spanish in the New World has lent them a mysterious legacy, one which causes many people to take a close and careful look at those bits and pieces of Mayan wisdom which have trickled down to us through the ages. With the deciphering of their creative and artistically visualized alphabet, more of this information has become available… including the seven prophecies which were seized upon by western media a few years back as relating to the end of the world… or, at least, the world as it is presently known.

First Mayan Prophecy

The first prophecy announces the end of the present cycle of timekeeping as occurring within the year 2012 by the modern reckoning. Specifically, it was to occur on December 22nd, 2012.

It was recorded that everyone was in a “place of mirrors” and needing to find their true selves, but that they would also receive guidance – an ongoing process beginning around the year 1999.

It is perhaps worth mentioning that the same calendar from which this prophecy came also referenced frames of time far later than 2012, but always indirectly.

Second Mayan Prophecy

The second prophecy refers to our ability to shape our own destiny. The Mayans were deep believers in the power of belief itself, and they felt that people have the power to shape their own destiny.

The second prophecy clarifies the first, somewhat, by suggesting that we are at a point where our means of perceiving the universe around us are changing.

This is where some of the inferences about the world being destroyed have come from – but the prophecy doesn’t state that we will be destroyed; rather, it suggests that we have the power to lead ourselves, as a species, to our own destruction… or to our own salvation.

Third Mayan Prophecy

The third prophecy is particularly interesting in light of recent advances in scientific recognition of just how strong an effect humanity is capable of having upon our planet.

The prophecy asserts that we must become aware of the full extent of our effect upon our environment around us, lest we “destroy the world,” an event which the Mayans themselves assert has happened to civilizations in the past.

Fourth Mayan Prophecy

The fourth prophecy is more difficult to interpret than some of those previously stated. It reads a little more vaguely, and its meaning would seem to overlap with some of the others.

For instance, man is implored to cease his destructive behavior in a general sense, encouraging oneness and “harmony” with the universe as a whole.

Fifth Mayan Prophecy

The fifth prophecy concerns fear, and our tendency – in an enduring fashion, for as long as we have records of human civilization anywhere on Earth – to respond to fear negatively, by coming together in a panic and looking to the fear-mongers among us to protect us from threats we have not ourselves vetted.

The Mayan prophecy seems to suggest that all causes of such fear will be “turned around” at once, and will lead us to a more glorious future.

How this will happen is not entirely clear, but some of the biggest fear-mongers in history have been religious and political figures; perhaps an unprecedented era of religious and political reformation and unification is at hand?

Sixth Mayan Prophecy

The sixth prophecy is one of the most visceral, asserting that at some point in the next few years a comet will appear in the sky in a trajectory that threatens life on Earth – but that man will divert its course.

Given the typically divine nature ascribed to comets in most ancient societies, the Mayans’ assertion that we can have some effect upon one is interesting. It also suggests that they had some understanding of meteor impacts.

Seventh Mayan Prophecy

The seventh prophecy relates that our solar system, which we already know is always on the move, will leave the “night” behind and enter the dawn of the galaxy.

Somehow, the light from the center of the galaxy will have an effect upon all of mankind.

This ascribes to the Mayans, one of the oldest civilizations of the New World, a grasp of lengths of time that is only matched by that of the ancient Hindu people – since the sun is known to take more than two hundred million years to orbit the galaxy.